Why Us

Our Staff

Only the best make the team! Our audition process involves, an intensive group interview where candidates show interpersonal skills, sales skills and confidence levels when speaking through role playing scenarios.

We provide in-depth training including induction & etiquette, food safety, manual handling training and on the job training. We always make sure staff are provided with detailed briefs to fully understand your brand messaging and delivery.

Our Experience

We’ve been on the front lines for over 21 years working with Ireland’s most recognizable brands, with a reputation for unparalleled client service, reliability and delivering stellar results. Why are so many big brands using Staffup? Because it works! Engaging with customers at key touchpoints helps inform, educate and encourage trial as well as build a personal connection and valuable insights.

Our Technology

We pride ourselves on being market leaders, using new technology to give our clients peace of mind and increased accountability. Our state-of-the-art mobile application allows us to manage large scale campaigns across the country with accurate and real-time information. This allows us to flag issues and ensure all the tasks associated with a job are completed to the highest standard.

“The app is a great asset – all your work details in the one place and reporting is on the spot. It’s really handy as it prompts you with a list of tasks, making things easy from check in, right up to check out.”

Our mobile application reduces hassle allowing staff to manage their own schedules, track expenses and generate detailed reports quickly and easily.